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Jae Rich is a multi media lifestyle blogger and a native of Philadelphia, PA. Jae attended Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland where she studied Communications with a Concentration in Broadcast Journalism. For the past 9 years Jae has dedicated her focus on entertainment news and has had the privilege of writing for past media sites like The Jasmine Brand, Signature Hits, & Erica Vain. As a contributor for these sites Jae has been able to interview the likes of DJ. Jazzy Jeff, Toya Wright, Prodigy’s Mobb Deep, Social Media Guru Loren Ridinger and more.


Aside of contributing to blog sites, Jae also co-created a online podcast The Daily Grind where she had the opportunity to lend her voice as a co-host and interview entertainers from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Big Daddy Kane, Harold House Moore and more.

Not to be boxed in one category of just entertainment news, The Juice With Jae was created because being from the city of Philadelphia (home of the Philly Cheesesteak) Jae was always engulfed in the delicious world of tasty treats and savory  sandwiches. Deciding to infuse her love for entertainment and food was her twist on lifestyle news and topics. Sharing tasty recipes and restaurant reviews along with interviews featuring celebrities who love food just as much as she does is what The Juice With Jae is all about.

The Juice With Jae : Your Lifestyle Topics Freshly Squeezed is all about infusing Conversations, Cocktails and Cuisines into one amazing experience. Please enjoy and drop a tip, or a message at any time.

Lets Work Together: jcrich215@gmail.com